Solar Energy Attic Fans in California

The benefits of solar attic fans

When homeowners think of a solar energy system they usually default to solar panels. However, from talking with many homeowners there are several kinds of solar that could help your household run more efficient than before. Solar attic fans are easily stored and independent roof ventilation appliance that is powered by solar energy. If you live in a very hot climate like many of us do in California your attic is under massive pressure during the summer seasons and could be costing you a fortune to cool down your home. The reason for this could be attic insulation is not optimal and your attic is not getting ventilated enough. Well with solar attic fans you can lower the temperature by up to 35 degrees which will also decrease the temperature in the rooms below.

Save on Electrical Bill

Eliminating extra heat from your attic the strain on your central air system. As we know as people who live in California our HVAC system can take a beating during the summers. We always warn homeowners about using traditional attic fans because they have been known to pull hazardous gas like carbon monoxide from the basement into your families living area.

Enhance Home Serenity

When your attic has proper ventilation it moves heat out of your attic and lowers temperatures. This translates down into where you spend the most of your time. If you and the family are more cool and comfortable the more enjoyable your home can be. However, we don’t want to increase our HVAC output. That will only put more pressure on your system. Instead, we want to give it the edge by having favorable attic ventilation.

Enjoy Tax Credits & Repates

California wants to reward people for using solar energy. With that said, you may qualify for a tax credit and not only enjoy a predictable energy bill but reap the benefits of tax rewards.

Now you can see why solar attic fans have been a popular choice with homeowners here in California. Keeping your home cool without putting more pressure on your HVAC system can be beneficial to all property owners. Even if you have rental property your tenants will be very appreciative of this type of installation in your building. We always encourage you to reach out to a certified professional that can evaluate your attic and advise you if a solar attic fan is suitable for your property. Of course, not everyone’s home is the same. We all live in different climates and have different building structures so you want to get an expert opinion before you invest hard earned money. Reach out to either a roofing contractor on our website or one of our solar installers in your area.