Rich Acker

Investing Analyst

Rich is the co-founder and sits as a head advisor here at Carlson Solar Tech. Before venturing into solar Rich was a marketing consultant for major corporations. Rich also co-founded a nationwide job search directory where they connect employers with job-seeking individuals. Rich holds a Bachelors of Computer Engineering.

Statistic & Analytic
Customer Service
Management Consulting


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Legacy Power did an awesome job and the people of Carlson Solar showed nothing but love. We had an awesome experience and will be referring friends and family.

Nick J. Lamboy
Nick J. LamboyBakersfield, Ca. Homeowner

Sun Power was professional and dependable! When they make an appointment, they actually show up on time and delivered a great experience right from the consultation.

Susan K. Daniels
Susan K. DanielsSan Diego Homeowner

The consultation with Bruce from San Diego Solar was very informative. He has a passion for solar energy and takes his time educating. They helped us with our solar installation for my home. We had many options so they made our decision very easy.

Lisa Hartman
Lisa HartmanSan Jose Homeowner