Main Caused That Wear Down Solar Panel Performance

So you’ve got new solar on your home huh? Congratulations! Ok, so now, it’s vital to be conscious of the issues that need to be cautiously considered before, throughout and following the project of all panel installations. Listed below are the main ones you want to pay attention to.

Shaded Solar Panels

This one may come as obvious to you but solar panels that are covered by shade will not generate the same quantity of electricity as the ones exposed to nonstop sunlight. Therefore, if your home’s roofing system is lacking sun by large trees or other elements; Solar power might not exactly be the best choice for you. At Carlson Solar Tech we can match you up with the best solar provider that can help avert decreased performance.

Different Seasons

Such as the weather, natural energy production differs throughout the year. Overcast winters will not help your panels be as beneficial as a warm summer day. The main thing to remember here is to concentrate on the overall sunny days you have in your local area. This is when your solar energy is stored and converted when you need it.

High Pitched Roofs

Solar panels can work even better from a big tilt in your roof. The location and the direction your property is overlooking and even the pitch on your roof, have a strong effect on well a system performs. Preferably, solar panels ought to be at the same slant as the direction where they’re installed. Roof pitches ranging from 30-45 degrees should perform well in almost all cases.


The productivity of solar energy panels does drop slightly the longer they are in action. The universal rule of thumb is that the power performance drops by 0.5% each year. Solar panel companies usually offer a warranty that promises the power output stays higher than 80% after 25 years.