The Actual Lifespan of Residential Solar Panels

If you’re considering trading in a traditional utility set up for a solar panel system, questioning the life expectancy of solar panels is something that inevitably springs up. For peace of mind, the research has recognized solar panels may last anywhere from twenty-five to thirty years — and if you maintain them properly, they may last you longer than that.

Nevertheless, just because the solar panels on your home are decades old, they don’t stop creating electricity after a few years. It simply means the energy output will reduce what solar energy experts judge as optimal to live up to the average single-family home energy requirements.

Solar Panel Decreased Performance Rate

Solar panel decreased performance rates vary based on the how well they are built and the environment where they’re mounted. Fortunately, modern research has suggested that contemporary solar panel systems are surpassing all expectations of property owners.

Based on the research we discovered at by National Renewable Energy Laboratory, some high-quality panel producers offer decreased performance rates at 3% per year. That means when you’re ready to install your panels and choose a contractor to help make sure you ask about the manufacturer who assembles the panels.

Which means, in case you get an average standard 25-year warranty timeframe solar panels should continue to operate a little less than 90%

Do I Need to Maintain My Solar Panels on A Regular Basis?

Solar Power MaintenanceModern-day solar energy panels are extremely dependable, but they actually require appropriate caring and washing to keep them in tip-top condition to make sure you obtain the most significant energy savings feasible during the life cycle of your solar panel system.

You see, if your solar panels are NOT exposed to physical destruction by high winds, rubble, or other debris — you can be sure they will last for decades to come.

A Guideline to Help Your Property Solar Panels Exceed Life Expectancy

Just like never having your HVAC system evaluated or cared for sitting outside getting hammered by outside elements, it’s guaranteed solar panels that are neglected will eventually fail. But don’t get discouraged… We spent some time coming up with a basic guideline of how to make your solar panels last and continue to run at peak performance.

#1: Hire a Dependable Solar Installer
The keenest way to make sure solar panels perform well over a long period of time is to team up with a trusted solar installer in your local area who can provide amazing customer service.

Our goal at Carlson Solar Tech is to help you find the right solar company for the job. We are dedicated to helping property owners in California through the process of getting educated on the process and taking the leap of faith to transition away from their traditional utility company that does not have the best interest at heart

#2: Clear Your Panels of Destructive Materials
If your solar panels are clear from excessive dirt, falling branches, and other hazardous materials this allows them to run and produce the highest quantity of clean energy achievable. If you would like to learn more about how to clean and maintain your solar panels check out this useful article here.

If you’re in a situation where your solar energy panels are blocked or struck by harmful materials and feel you’re not equipped and trained work on your panels, please contact your solar installer provider for help.

#3: Monitor and Maintain Panels on a Regular Basis
Routine upkeep and visual inspections will help save your solar panel system’s output other components running its best.

Again, team up with a solar provider that will take care of you. Make sure they include a expert upkeep and examining for as long as you’re with them. This will give you the peace of mind you deserve and enjoy dependable, inexpensive, and solar energy for as long as you choose. At Carlson Solar Tech we provide a wide-ranging solar battery pack storage service here in California. Learn more by reaching out to us today.

For those who have additional questions about the potential of the solar energy system’s maintenance, our experts are standing by ready to chat about your natural energy and find the key answer for your property. Begin with a no-cost solar estimate today!